About Voichi

I follow the Usui traditional method and I have been initiated by Reiko Yanai, President of Reiki New Zealand in 2007. Reiko has guided my learning up to Master level, which I have obtained in 2009.

I am a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher Member and a NHS accredited volunteer, offering reiki to  University College of London Hospital patients.

Besides reiki I practice yoga and buddhist meditation.

I have spent time in India, developing my spiritual understanding living in ashrams, and spending time in the presence of enlightened beings like Ama  http://www.amritapuri.org/

In 2009 I was introduced to the vipassana meditation which has taught me how we can liberate ourselves from suffering and embrace life’s vicissitudes with joy.

I hold a Masters degree in Medical Anthropology and I am preoccupied with understanding the nature of belief systems that mediate our understanding  about concepts like disease and cure.


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For me,reiki fills my every day existence with outbursts of sublime happiness and connectedness to a source higher than my innocence, purer than my idealism, clearer than the quality of my human understating.

For treatments and teachings please contact me at voichireiki@gmail.com