About Reiki

Reiki in Japan 

Reiki was revealed to Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Buddhist monk belonging to the esoteric tradition of Tendai. Throughout his life he has been practicing martial arts , meditation and fasting and one day, while on Mt Kumara he released he was in touch with a new form of energy. He was able to discover the use and benefits of this energy when he hit his toe and stopped the bleeding by touching it with his hands. After that,  Dr Usui has developed a new healing technique called Usui Do ( Usui’s technique). The technique involved touching people with his hands, channeling a high vibrating energy that would alleviate pain of any nature. Historical documents of the time attest that Dr Usui has  been involved in offering healing to the victims of earthquake Kanto that hit Japan in 1923. The  earthquake killed 140,000 people and wounded many others.  His service was recognized by the Japanese Government and he has received acclaims for his Kun San Tao (Meritous Service to others) .

Later on he passed the technique to Dr Chujiro Hayashi (1879-1940) an ex marine physician who organized the healing system, introducing the ‘hand positions’ that serve as base for the reiki treatment we do today.

Reiki in the West

Reiki migrated to US due to Miss Hawayo Takata’s (1900-1980) efforts, an American born in Hawaii. After a life long suffering of asthma and gallbladder complaints, in search for alternative cures, she contacted Dr Hayashi in 1937. Relieved from the symptoms of her diseases through his treatments, she received initiations in the art of reiki and returned to Hawaii. There she set up a clinic as well as providing initiations to 22 reiki masters who formed the Reiki Alliance, which rigorously abide to Dr Hayashi’s system and follow the Usui lineage.

Today the reiki technique has taken various other forms and names ( up to 30 in number) and though most masters follow strict codes of ethics they can vary, depending on the lineage.

Essentially, my reiki master reassures me, it works the same regardless of these divisions. Reiki is a form of energy( or Ki in Japanese) that is passed from master to pupil through the process of attunement and is not directed by the mind. It has intrinsic  qualities, independent of the human intentions. Most importantly it can not be used to harm and it is not dependent on the spiritual evolution of the practitioner. It heals at the physical and emotional levels without depleting the practitioner of personal energy.

Reiki is a gentle feeling of surrender. For a while, the frenzy subsides, the speed of our thoughts and worries melt into an overwhelming sensation of peace. 

My experience tells me that people react differently to reiki.

Some discover that reiki provides temporary or long term relief for physical or emotional distress and unease.  Others penetrate deeper in the subtlety of the energy  and connect to the part of universe that is guided by wisdom, love and peace. Most often those touched by this type of understanding decide to learn the technique and become healers themselves.

The process of becoming a healer entails 4 stages and there is no time frame dictating how one progresses from one stage to another. Reiki exposes us to various emotional  and mental transformations, at times, confronting us with difficult decisions – therefore the process is unique for each of us.

  1. Reiki One – attunement and theoretical introduction. To be mainly practiced for personal benefits.
  2. Reiki Two – attunement and introduction to the use of symbols.
  3. Reiki Three – attunenment and introduction to the ‘distance reiki’ symbol that allows the practitioner to channel reiki without the client being present.
  4. Reiki Four or master level – initiation and teachings prepare the practitioner to attune others and teach reiki.

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For me,reiki fills my every day existence with outbursts of sublime happiness and connectedness to a source higher than my innocence, purer than my idealism, clearer than the quality of my human understating.

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