At practical level

I can provide reiki in the comfort of your own home. I advise that you set up the time for treatment toward the end of the day so you can fully enjoy the benefits of feeling emotionally and physicallly relaxed, detached and at ease;  the sensations to be expected after the treatment

Generally, the reiki treatment takes up to an hour but it varies depending of the severity of the problem

If you suffer from chronic pain I suggest you take on at least one reiki session a week

or follow Reiki One teachings so you can use reiki on yourself

I recommend reiki to everybody recovering from surgery, accidents or chemotherapy. Reiki helps the organism to regenerate

You don’t have to have a severe affliction to benefit from reiki. Reiki can be used in establishing a feeling of well being and calmness which comes in priceless after a busy day

Reiki works on children and animals and though they don’t really understand the concepts such as ‘eastern techniques’ or ‘biomagnetic fields’ etc they have a very positive reactions and remain calm. Interrupting questions and bathroom breaks occur with acceptable frequency.

If you are interested in taking reiki teaching I suggest you book a weekend. I will provide materials and there will be plenty time for practice and discussions.

Before treatment and teaching I would like to meet to discuss my background and your expectations .



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For me,reiki fills my every day existence with outbursts of sublime happiness and connectedness to a source higher than my innocence, purer than my idealism, clearer than the quality of my human understating.

For treatments and teachings please contact me at voichireiki@gmail.com

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